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Hi there - 

Wecome to Jim Hamel Photography.  I hope you like the pictures.  I'm adding this page in the event you want to know a little more about me, my photography, or my resources for photographers.

My Background

First a little about me.

I grew up in St. Louis, and still really consider myself a St. Louis guy even though I haven't lived there in 25 years. I have been in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas for that time, and for the last 13 years I have lived in a great little suburb in the DFW area called Southlake. I live here with my wife Susan - a native Texan who is a practicing physician - and our two teenage daughters, Hannah and Elizabeth (see the picture below).

I went to law school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and then went into private practice, where I remained for 12 years. I was a commercial litigator, doing mostly construction and surety disputes. That is a hard and stressful way to make a living. So several years ago I went in-house with a company. I now work out of my house and enjoy my job. It even lets me travel to interesting places to photograph on occasion.

That change is what really got me rolling with photography.  While I had always been interested in photography and owned a number of cameras over the years, I now had the time to devote toward photography. I dove in with both feet. Pretty soon photography became an obsession. It still is.

My Photography

For the last several years, most of my free time has been spent either photographing, editing pictures, or learning new techniques. In addition, I take several photography trips every year.  My job involves a certain amount of travel and leaves me some room to take pictures.

Most of my work is a "scape" of some sort - either a landscape, seascape, or cityscape. I seem to be drawn to coastal scenes most of all. That is probably partly because they are so alien to me, having always lived in a land-locked place, but mostly because they are just cool. 

I also do a lot of night photography. That started because my employer insisted that I work during the day (quite unreasonable, in my opinion) and my wife would not put up with my skipping off to photograph in good light all the time (equally unreasonable). I began  photographing at night out of necessity, but soon it became the time I prefer.

*  *  *  *  *

I have been posting pictures to this site for about 8 years. New pictures go up weekly, on average.  Sometimes I post every day.  Sometimes it will be a few weeks.  I don't think I have ever gone more than a few weeks without posting.  Everything new goes into the Recent pictures and from there may or may not work its way into one of the galleries.

You can see all my photos by coming back to this website from time to time. If you have an Instagram account, you can also follow me and you'll see all photos as they are posted. Just go to my Instagram page and click Follow.  Of you can check out my like my photography Facebook page.

My Photography Resources

In addition to taking pictures, I have also created resources for aspiring photographers. I am a staff writer for Digital Photography School  which is one of the largest photography websites in the world.  My articles are listed on this page

I have also created my own website, called Outdoor Photo Academy , where I post in-depth articles showing photographers how they can elevate their game. There are dozens of articles about different photography subjects.

I sometimes get contacted about addressing photography groups.  I love doing that, so if you are looking for a guest speaker for your photography group, send me a message and we'll make it happen.   

Author of Photography Books

I have published a few books about photography, both of which were #1 best-sellers on Amazon in their categories when I published them:

  Getting Started With Photography. This is a guide for those just starting out in photography.  If you are new to this sport, you should definitely check it out. It will walk you through everything you need to know in plain English to get you started the right way.  Rather than listen to me talk about it, check out the reviews on Amazon.

  Photographing London: How to Find and Take Great Photos. This is a guide for photographers or aspiring photographers who are headed to my favorite city.  Check it out if you are contemplating a trip to London at any point. 

Video Courses on Photography

I have also created video courses on photography:

  Night Photography:  After I had been photographing at night for a while, I began writing articles about various aspects of night photography. After a while Digital Photography School asked me to create a night photography course for them. I jumped at the chance and since its launch it has been enormously popular and I have gotten a lot of great feedback about it.

  31 Days to Becoming a Better Photographer:  Following the success of Night Photography course, Digital Photography School asked me to create another course for those just starting in photography. This course runs introduces you to 31 separate topics covering everything from exposure, to composition, to post processing. It also includes daily assignments to put it all to practice, and it also gets you access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get feedback on your work. 

Contact Me

One of the main benefits of creating this site has been meeting so many great people involved with photography.  If you have questions, thoughts about photography, or just want to say hi, I'd love to hear from you.  You can use the Contact form on this site or email me at jameswhamel at yahoo.com and I will get back to you quickly. 

My Family Pictures

Where did the family pictures go?  Here.

Hope you enjoy the site.


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